• Ordination Day

      Bishop Barres,
      4th Bishop of the Diocese of Allentown
      Ordains 47 men to the Permanent Diaconate
      - Saturday, April 25, 2015 -
      St. Thomas More RC Church - Allentown Pennsylvania

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    • Welcome To The
      Office of the Permanent Diaconate
      for the Diocese of Allentown, Pennsylvania

      This site has been created for those who wish to learn more about this sacred ministry and the works of those involved in the Diocese of Allentown charged with the zeal of Jesus who spoke these words as recorded in the Gospel of Luke
      "...I am among you as one who serves"
      "At the direction of the Second Vatican Council, the Permanent Diaconate has been restored as a vital ministry in assisting US Bishops in the mission of the Church. By Sacred Ordination and their exercise of the 'Ministry of the Liturgy of the Word, and of Charity,' deacons have a special relationship to us in fulfilling our responsibilities of bringing the knowledge and genuine comfort of Christ to the People of God."

      The Office is under the direction of Monsignor Francis Nave

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    • Diaconate of Christ

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      Ten Authentic Principles For
      Living Authentically The
      Diaconate of Christ

      For Those Ordained to the Diaconate for the Diocese of Allentown